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Buddy Roamer™

The Buddy Roamer™ is a posterior walking aid that provides partial weight bearing postural support with mobility.

The standard product provides safe and comfortable positioning using:

  • Adjustable pelvic supports and hip guides
  • Adjustable chest Lateral supports
  • Central positioning bar

Completely open to the front

There is no obstruction to interaction with other people or objects. This allows the child to have hands-free interaction with the surroundings to learn, explore, and discover.

buddy roamer


Early Intervention

The modular design system allows the walker to grow as your child does, from twelve month old babies, to toddlers, to teenagers.


The frame has been developed so as to allow easy access through doors and down hallways while still providing excellent stability for exploration both indoors and out.

Free Lateral Movement

The centre of gravity of the Buddy Roamer™ allows for effortless free movement and left-to-right weight shift during stride phase.

buddy roamer

Adjustable Dynamic Spring

Dynamic assisted lift feature to encourage a more typical gait pattern. The spring is easily adjustable to suit individual needs.

buddy roamer

Click here to download the Buddy Roamer™ Brochure.