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Meywalk® 2000 has a small rear stop, which supports the lower back of the
user and holds the pelvis in place on the seat. The rear stop is lowered when the user enters Meywalk® 2000 as shown in the photo.


Meywalk® 2000

Meywalk® 2000 has a trunk support and seat, which are both continuously variable with regards to height. This means that Meywalk® 2000 can be resized to fit the user and provide optimal support at all sizes. The trunk support is chosen on the basis of the circumference of the user's chest and is available in 5 sizes: 70, 90, 105, 120 and 130 cm respectively. Furthermore Meywalk® 2000 has a handle bar that can be angled continuously with respect to the user.

Meywalk 2000
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